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Yellow-Red-Blue, Wassily Kandinsky, 1925


Considered the founder of abstract painting, Kandinsky understood the painting as an "original plane", the blank canvas, on which he lays down shapes and colours according to defined building rules.  These rules enabled the painting to meet some kind of "cosmic order" in tune with an "order" in nature.  During his artistic investigation and experience, he also wrote plays, "theatrical canvasses" in which the actors were shapes, colours, movements and sounds.

Based on Kandinsky’s work, Sophie Lavaud, a digital artist, offers to transform a painting of Kandinsky into a digital & 3D interactive scenography.  This way, she gives the original painting components an interpretation in volume and behaviours, integrating these components into a 3D digital stage in which these virtual players interact with each other and with the user in order to reach a state of balance.

This project, named Matrice Active (Active Matrix), exists as a prototype model.  I created it using the Virtools software during a training period for an Artificial Intelligence Post Graduate Diploma – “Shape Recognition and Applications” at the Paris 6 University (1).

If you wish to learn more about the Active Matrix, you can access video presentations for the project:

M@trice @ctive
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1- Presentation by Sophie Lavaud
MOV format - low quality (3 Mo)
MOV format - medium quality (18 Mo)
MOV format - high qualiyt (86 Mo)
MP4 format (25 Mo)
Format WMV - English subtitles (58 Mo)
2- Presentation by Yves Gufflet
  WMV format (4 Mo)

If you feel ready to immerse yourself in the Active Matrix, please follow the

If you are interested in the project, if it gave you some ideas, or if you wish to speak about it, please feel free to contact me: Yves Gufflet


La balade du printemps
~ Electronic Mandala ~
Sophie Lavaud

(1) DEA Intelligence Artificielle Reconnaissance des Formes et Applications

@Grenoble, La Villa Media, 2003